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Keep walking . . . and consider walking in The Way of Love.

For those of you following the ABC's of NOW, this is a not-to-miss episode.

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Looking for inspiration to carry you through Christmas and way beyond the holiday season? Tune in to this episode where we consider the essence of the spirit of Christ and how you can personally embody this living symbol of a holiday tree!

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Imagine discovering something revolutionizing, amazing, illuminating or beautiful -- something that was right in front of your eyes. Perhaps you hadn't yet had the proper set of eyes to behold what was there all along!

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We've been programmed in many ways to follow the stars and emulate the stars around us. But in this episode, let's consider shining the stars within us!

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Want to make your world happier from the inside out? Try a little kindness! 

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If you're following this ABC's of NOW series, do not miss this one! You may be taken on an unusual ride, but expect the ending is good! 

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In yet another interlude of my ABC's of NOW series, we're taking a deep look at where and how to find our inner peace. If you enjoy Living Happy from the Inside Out, discover some helpful nuggets to consider along the path of finding your calm within all the storms of life.



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As an interlude between the letters C and B in my ABC's of NOW series, here's a partial narration of a short book I wrote several years ago. Though titled "Values," I'm calling it The Truth Book. Hope you enjoy!

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As we wind down on this ABC's of NOW series, we step into a word that appears quite intimidating on its surface. However, stick with me as I take you through one such "crisis" I experienced many years ago. Discover how our willingness to pass through a crisis can bring some unexpected good on the other side!

#peace #soul #rest #crisis #mind

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A special episode in the ABC's of NOW, we take up your role in the great shift! Discover your own influence and how you can add, remove and/or redirect your energies to things that tend to more of life ahead!

#MindShift #Peace #Influence #Power #Spirituality

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As we explore our latest term in this series, you may take on an entirely different view of the word Destruction. Expect to find hope, vision and anticipation for the future ahead. This is a jam packed episode, full of content to make you think . . .  anew!

#Peace #Wisdom #MindShift #History #AgeOfAquarius

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We all seem to know what "everybody" means, but have we been mindful of seeing ourselves as part of a bigger whole? Lyrics from a popular 20th century movie, a bit of U.S. history and some personal stories bring light to a familiar, yet repetitive, experience it may be time for us to all reconsider.

#Peace #Society #History

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Blame, grudges and unforgiveness are as old as mankind and part of the common fabric of our cosmos. As we look back in the rear view mirror and forward to a future era, how will we relate to the subject of forgiveness? In this latest release, we take up several stories of how forgiveness to explore potential insights and outcomes. 

#forgiveness #change #wellness #peace #shift

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Can you discern the goodness around and available to you or has it gotten blurred by or even replaced by counterfeits? In this latest episode of the ABC's of NOW, rediscover the essence of goodness and reclaim some of it for yourself!


#peace #discernment #life #happiness #reality

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What do four Hebrew letters, a modern day dream and the lyrics to one of MIchael Jackson's songs have in common? Find out in this episode of The ABC's of NOW as we navigate through the process of change and look forward to a brighter day ahead.

#Peace #Consciousness #Spirituality #Dreams #Shift

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Ever wonder what your true identity is, apart from outward trends, ideas and other types of conformity? Who are you at your core, at your essence? In this latest episode, we review the definitions and origins of the word Identity and look forward to finding out some of the answers!

#Happiness #Identity #Shift #Freedom #Peace #Authenticity

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Have you ever that you were in need something immediately . . .  as in right NOW? In this latest episode of the ABC's of NOW, we examine the letter J and the ideas of Just in Time. Get ready for excitement, suspended animation and more to foster your imagination and uplift your soul for good things ahead. 

#consciousness #shift #happiness #peace #soul

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In this latest episode preparing for shift and change, we examine the letter K and the word Knowing. Discover its finer definitions and root meaning, recall experiences from the past where you've "known" things for yourself and prepare to move into the future with greater confidence and assurance!

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In this episode of preparing for change, we take up perhaps the most elementary and foundational concept of all -- LIFE! Get ready to re-examine the essence and "life" with definitions, synonyms and two exercises you can do to choose LIFE for yourself!


#happiness #life #consciousness #peace #liberty #soul

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As we continue to chart the waters of change, get ready to re-assess and re-evaluate the concept of money.  In this episode of The ABC's of NOW, we deconstruct some of its "magic" and envision a world where money might not hold as much power as we previously believed.

#Soul #Peace #Change #Happiness #Money

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The letter N in this series arrives during Christmas week, just in time to consider the word Nativity. Discover how during this incredible time of change, we can consider many of the concepts of birth, new birth and our getting ready to welcome a new world ahead.

#PeaceOnEarth #Shift #Consciousness #Peace

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If you've been following this exciting series to help navigate yourself through the epic changes our world is going through, you won't want to miss this 12th episode.

Explore the letter O and discover how the expression OMG is about to become part of our collective future!

#Change #Consciousness #Peace

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Ready for the epic shift taking place in our world today? Keep up with every letter and its corresponding word in this special series entitled the ABC's of NOW! In this episode, consider P and the word Positivity -- you're going to need it! 

#Positivity #Peace #Change #Consciousness

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As our world shifts from one era and into the next, welcome to Episode 10 of The ABC's of NOW! On this journey of "un-doing" and "un-winding" our sometimes off-center past, we explore the letter Q and the operative word Question.

Head back to your zero point. Find your equilibrium and peace.

#change #consciousness #peace

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In this ABC's of NOW series helping to guide you through epic and sometimes tumultuous change, step into the letter R. Explore the meanings, history and implications of the word Reckon - and discover your inner peace along the path. 

#Peace #Shift #Consciousness #Soul

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As our cosmos undergoes a major shift, we'll all be introduced to the element of surprise, the subject of this latest episode in the ABC's of NOW. Surprises can suspend our attention, focus and our reality. They can also lead us back to a better place. Discover some of what to expect in the process and be sure to share this episode share with friends!

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What happens when tall trees -- institutions, individuals and even ideas -- fall from their high places? It's time to say, "Timberrrr!" Join me in Episode 7 of this ABC's of NOW series to help you navigate through seismic and epic changes with inner peace as you travel. 

#change #controversy #peace #consciousness #spirituality

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What happens when everything hidden and concealed becomes . . . uncovered! Get ready to explore this topic and get prepare for what's to come in this latest episode of the ABC's of NOW!

#revelations #disclosures #peace #consciousness #selfmastery

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If you thought lightly of the word virtues, prepare for a surprise! In this 5th episode of the ABC's of NOW, we take up letter V and the word Virtues. Discover how incredibly - and even supernaturally - powerful a role the word Virtues can play in your life! As sweeping and unexpected winds of change toss you around, you'll want to listen to this episode again and again!

#change #vision #soul #metaphysical #courage


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In episode 4 of this special 26 episode series, we examine the letter W and the word Wonderful. In a world rumbling with epic change, what will the world look like ahead -- after the dust settles? Step into the word wonderful and imagine what you might have previously believed impossible!

#change #faith #vision #future #soul

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With epic changes everywhere, we're all taking a wild ride through NOW. Don't miss this special series that takes you backwards through the alphabet as you "un-do" unstable learning and return to authenticity and inner peace. Get ready for X-traordinary in this episode. Remember to save and share this series with friends who need it . . . right NOW!

#Help #Peace #Soul #Inspiration

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Join me for this 26 episode series in the ABC's of NOW as we go through the English alphabet from back to front and from end to beginning. Don't miss a single release and don't forget to share with your friends who need this . . . NOW!

#Peace #Soul #Change #SelfLeadership

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Join me for this special series - it's just what you need - NOW when everything is about to change.

#Peace #Inspiration #Change #SelfLeadership

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The power to focus on fear or faith is within us, an inner choice that contains dynamic seeds for death or life. Listen in to my latest podcast on the topic and be inspired to choose the higher, brighter and more exhilarated ground. Then save and share with friends. There's a day coming soon when you just might need the reminder!  


#Fear #Faith #Power #Peace #Inspiration #ANewDay

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Children learn about their world by asking questions, but most forget to do the same by the time they become adults. Join Maura in this exploration of the art of asking questions and start asking some of your own!

#Awareness #Consciousness #SelfDevelopment #Peace #wisdom

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Various shifts and uncertainties in life -- including our most recent COVID global pandemic -- cause us to look elsewhere for answers.

In this podcast, consider going inward rather than outward. Discover and display the very light you need to be at this time -- and serve as a living beacon to others who need to do the same.

Inner Peace, Awakening, Rest, Wisdom


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In life, we're all ignorant about several things. But when we discover our ignorance, we can turn on a personal light and use those new opportunities to increase our knowledge and awareness. Personal stories and empowerment for you.

#Consciousness #SelfDevelopment #SelfGrowth #Wisdom #Happiness


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In an era where many bemoan the division, strife and discouragement in our world, here's a word of encouragement and empowerment. Stand in your best light, your best intention, and as a living beacon for peace, hope and happiness.

#unity peace #empowerment #healing #happiness #influence

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Many of us remember the classic Jim Carey movie called The Truman Show. But how many of us have wondered if we've been living in a Truman Show of our own?

Check out my latest podcast where I talk about the movie and also include a personal story that brings the idea of living inside a false reality to a real life application.

#Awareness #Reality #Consciousness #SelfGrowth

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What if you were to open a few doors, learn of hidden things and suddenly realize the world you're living in is something far different than what you believed it to be?

Join me in this timely exploration of human nature, common spheres of control, the art of personal inquiry and learning how to awaken to your own light.

#Human Nature #Personal Growth #Disclosures #Awakening

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If you are upset, angry, confused or afraid about the latest news report, you must tune in to this powerful podcast. Be inspired. Be a World Changer -- and change your world into something good, something better!

#Truth #CoronaVirus #Pandemic #Peace #Power

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It seems impossible, but personal traumas can transform into potential life treasures. Time, endurance and perhaps a bit of faith may be required, but we discover our most challenging experiences contain the seeds of blessings -- for ourselves as well as others. Listen in as I share the extraordinary redemptive story of Cresta Durojaiye, a lovely woman from Nigeria I recently met while attending a conference in London.

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We all want to be happy, but do we take the steps to get there? Listen in as I share a list of my top happiness hacks.

#happiness #selfhelp #wellbeing #mentalhealth #peace #howto

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Inspired by our typical oversight of others until they're gone, this podcast inspires you to say, do and appreciate people while you can -- as in right now!

#happiness #soul #grief #uplift #positivechange

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Designed originally as a New Year's 2020 episode, this topic is always relevant. Using the benefit of 2020 hindsight, we're taking a look at the psychological, emotional and familiar frame of mind you've been living in. If that proverbial house is no longer serving you, today might just be the time to frame a new - and happier - one for yourself. 

#Happiness #Peace #SelfGrowth #SelfDevelopment #Mastery #Life

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If you're seeking a deeper level of peace, rest and good cheer, listen in. Discover how letting things go can be one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself this holiday season.


#Christmas #Hanukkah #Peace #forgiveness #soul

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Are you leading yourself or allowing others to lead you? In this latest podcast, I share some ways we can unwittingly be led by others. Gain awareness, insight and more to discover how and when you can step up and lead yourself. 

#insight, #peace, #leadership, #awareness, #influence

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We've all experienced challenges relating to others. Sometimes, it may be because we're out of sync and operating on different frequencies! Listen in to a few stories of mine as I share personal insights about operating on different frequencies from those around me. Expect increased awareness for choosing your personal engagements while adding to your sense of inner peace and happiness.

#conflict #relationships #synergy #peace  

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Our media often promotes money, power and immediate gratification as popular value systems. But what happens when we choose the wrong pursuits and lose our sense of peace? In this podcast, I share a personal story about unwinding the process and returning to peace. My hope is to inspire you to do something of the same.

#Peace #Stories #Integrity

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Everyone suffers from the paralysis and near crippling effects of fear. In this podcast, I cover some of the origins of fear, plus some of the ways we can use fear as a catalyst for our happiness, peace and freedom. 

#fear #peace #happiness

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Has someone ever inquired about your life story? Have you ever asked someone else about theirs?

In this podcast, I explore the innate power and some positive outcomes that arise when we decide to do just that!

#happiness #peace #understanding #encouragement #wellbeing

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Racism impedes our ability to live happily and at peace from the inside out. This podcast invites you to consider the way in which you judge others, and the manner in which you'd like others to judge you.

Look forward to several personal stories, each of which should challenge you and get you thinking about whether we should judge by color - or character!


#Character #Integrity #Racism #Peace

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Asking whether you're a label and facade rather than a person of substance and character continues on a theme of judging by externals.

Expect two personal stories, one regarding a person I needed to fire and the other concerning a person I needed to evict. In both cases, you'll find plenty to challenge your thinking and help you ascertain whether form or substance is what truly matters!

#racism #judgment #integrity #harmony #society



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Racism is a major impediment to living happy from the inside out.

Over the past few years, the notion of racism has become a daily part of our media language and, therefore, our social consciousness. In this new series, I introduce part 1 on the topic to ask: Are you a racist?

Listen in and learn about yourself, your neighbors and the society in which you'd like to live.

#Society #Culture #CriticalThinking #Peace #Empowerment #Happiness

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Inspired by John Lennon's 1988 hit song "Imagine" which speaks to the heart of a better society, this podcast is both timely and potent.

While being part of a big world, we often lose sight of the roles we play in perpetuating wrongs and/or catalyzing something better. If you've lost your sense of imagination in a world gone awry, rediscover the many possibilities and opportunities to use your personal power today!


#John Lennon #Imagination #Power #Culture #Happiness #Society #Inspiration



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Are you adept at giving other people compliments, or merely engaging in flattery?

When it comes to living happy from the inside out, check in to this latest podcast. Discern the difference between these two seemingly close "cousins." Then, discover the reason why one is more powerful than the other - for you as well as those around you!


#LifeLessons #Peace #Happiness #Harmony #Integrity #EmotionalIntelligence

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Whether you realize it or not, you are a person of influence! In this podcast, discover the power, source and essence of influence. Listen to stories of two individuals I knew who might not have been aware of the influence they had on my life. Discover an awareness that you, too, have the power to influence those around you in mighty ways.

#influence #power #leadership #consciousness #selfdevelopment #emotionalintelligence

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Life happens. At one time or another, every one of us will feel overwhelmed, stunned, or even wasted and destroyed. In this podcast, I share two totally different stories about the psychological, emotional and physical side effects of devastation. I also deliver hopeful outcomes and some tips to help get you through the process and on to a brighter, more hopeful life.

#devastation #breakdowns #hope #happiness #personalgrowth

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Being a person of integrity can be one tall order.

But in this podcast, I talk about walking in integrity, step by step and moment by moment.

As usual, I'll share some definitions and also provide a personal story or two to bring it all home.

Be encouraged to be your best and most whole as you, too, start walking in your own integrity.



#integrity #peace #identity #wellness #career #happiness

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We may think that learning stops when we leave school or attain a new academic degree. But life lessons are of another sort that help in the growth of our human soul. Whether good or bad, they can help us grow into our bigger, better, wiser and more peaceful self.

#life #lessons #peace #wisdom #happiness #selfgrowth

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We can expend our energy in a negative or positive fashion, fighting against something that disturbs us or applying ourselves toward a positive ideal or vision. One drains our energy while the other helps fuel it.

In this podcast, I share personal experiences on both sides of the political aisle -- plus a unique story behind it -- to bring home some insights on the topic. Listen to assess where and how you're expending your personal energies, then consider how to focus yourself toward something you can positively promote!

#Happiness #Empowerment #Positivity #Uplift #Society

Direct download: 145_For_or_Against.mp3
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We've all suffered from this malaise! Intuition tells us one thing, but we ignore its signals. If you have inwardly known something, yet failed to acknowledge it openly to yourself, you'll eventually have to come to terms with the truth. Like all podcasts, expect to hear a personal story and receive guidance on a brighter outlook for living happy -- from the inside out.

#cognitivedissonance #truth #wellness #trauma #peace #happiness

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Admitting to being wrong is often one of the most difficult things we do. But does avoiding the words, "I was wrong," make us feel better or worse?

In this podcast, I introduce how our early training, and even our religious upbringings, can make admitting to being wrong a major social, emotional and even psychological challenge. Then, I share several stories of how admitting when I was wrong actually made me feel better!

Explore this topic for yourself. See if being "wrong" might sometimes be the "right" thing to do for your personal peace and happiness, too!

#guilt #fear #society #training #peace #happiness

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If you've ever been misunderstood or if you've misunderstood someone else, you're not alone! Misunderstandings bring unnecessary social, emotional and psychological upset to us all.

Discover a few ways misunderstandings play out in everyday life. Then expect to become one who turns misunderstanding into understanding; mistrust into trust; and conflict into harmony.

#peace #understanding #interpersonalrelations

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Are you truly the author of your thoughts, or did someone else plant them there for you? In this sequel to my previous podcast, I talk more on how we acquire the thoughts, awareness and beliefs of those around us. As usual, expect to hear one of my anecdotal stories. Then, receive some simple suggestions on how to step up into ownership of your own mind.  #thoughts #beliefs #peace #happiness #leadership #authenticity

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When endeavoring to live happy from the inside out, it's important to recognize that you can actually be the source of cheer. Listen in to this holiday message that is of value every day of the year.

#happiness, #peace, #holidays, #goodwill, #soul,

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Our minds and, therefore, our world, are all framed. Sometimes those frames are helpful and constructive but on other occasions, they are not. What we do when our framing encloses, corrals or encases us through negative impingement or entrapment is the subject of today's podcast. Listen to my story about financial framing. Discover how I stepped out of a bureaucratic mindset and into a freer and more abundant one. Prepare to feel freer, happier and more empowered.


#happiness #freedom #emotions #peace #power

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What does it mean to be and how does that translate to you and your life?

Learn some specific definitions on the concept, listen to some stories and get my latest dose of inspiration and hope. For those caught in the world of human trafficking, there's something for you at the end of this podcast, too.  



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We've all been misunderstood in life, and it's left us frustrated and deflated. But we've misunderstood the intentions and thoughts of those around us, too.

In this podcast, we'll talk about the common human trap of misunderstanding and how we can turn it around for greater peace and more.

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In today’s world, the idea of responsibility is hardly a common theme.

To the contrary, we are often engaged in the on-going blame game. We find easy fault with others while often absolving ourselves in the process!

After being involved in several recent conversations, some of which took place on a national level, I was both surprised and disappointed. Specifically, I found myself wondering how personal responsibility could be overlooked as part of the greater social contract. 

In this latest podcast, I have taken up the various meanings of the word responsible. These definitions all bring attention to the various moral and rational decisions we make. They help us realize how what we choose to think, say and do impact the outcomes we experience in life. 

I’ve also related these definitions to two personal stories – one of my own and a second involving a male friend - where personal responsibility plays a valuable role. What I share may step on more than a few proverbial toes. These stories will challenge some popular, modern narratives. However, these same anecdotes illuminate the power we have in life to be accountable – at least in part – for the contributions we make that help form our life experiences. 

When we can own our part in social exchanges, we can grow in confidence, peace, self-possession and personal happiness.

Listen in and discover why responsibility is a powerful key to your life!

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Today, it’s easy to identify ourselves as a victim: one who has been injured, adversely affected or otherwise sacrificed under some form of hardship or mistreatment. But on our inward path to experience happiness, it’s important to consciously evaluate these the beliefs we hold about ourselves.

In this podcast, I not only define the word victim, but I provide its the opposite term, a word you should find both illuminating and empowering.

I’ll take you to one of my early life stories when confronted with my own opportunity for “victimhood.” When viewed through a different lens, I share how even unfortunate circumstances can yield us great benefits and personal gain.

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How can we navigate well in a world that thrives on the polarity of winners and losers? This podcast sets aside for a few moments our collectivized mindset and the acquired need to self-protect against the many “others” out there that we perceive.

There is another way to view the seminal question: Who won? We’ll take a look at different viewpoints, stories and paradigms in search of something bigger, higher, greater and better for all of humanity.

If you need an uplifting new perspective, expect to emerge with a brighter and more empowered outlook. It may require a bit of faith and vision, but you can anchor some of it to live happier, from the inside out.

Then, listen in as we hear from Trey Downes from Baltimore, Maryland who shares what makes him happy from the inside out, too.


#mindsets #paradigms #fear #domination #soul #humanity

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You may be careful to feed your body with nourishing and healthy ingredients. But are you feeding your soul with thoughts, behaviors and intentions that support your well being?

This latest podcast provides several ways in which you can gain awareness of what you’ve been doing to fuel and feed your soul in helpful ways. Whether you’re aware of this active process or not, be empowered to uplift and energize your soul, your peace of mind and your personal happiness, too.

Then, listen to Linda Wattley share what makes her happy from the inside out, too.


#soul #wellbeing #awareness #empowerment

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Are you employing your most powerful weapon? If you’re on a path to living happy from the inside out, you’ll want to know what this weapon is – and how to use it!

The powerful weapon is choice, the choice to forgive. If you have suffered emotionally, physically, financially or otherwise, exercising the power of forgiveness is your key to peace and happiness.

Listen as I share how I discovered and triggered this personal weapon, even as a young child.

You’ll hear an alternate story of another woman who chose to withhold forgiveness instead. Muse over a few unpleasant and confining outcomes that occur when we choose not to release forgiveness.

Wherever you are today, I urge you to listen in to this insightful and profoundly personal message. Choosing the power of forgiveness may be difficult, but the benefits we receive are bountiful!

Learn how to get access to another story of my major forgiveness secret available in a new book release called I Bared My Chest.

Finally, meet Cathy Sanders from Clearwater, Florida, and discover what makes her happy from the inside out, too.


#Forgiveness #Emotions #Burdens #Karma #EmotionalWeapons

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We’re often waiting for happiness to “happen” to us. But can we do something on our end to facilitate those good feelings and a sense of well-being?

In this podcast, I share many upbeat synonyms for happiness and contrast them with a few antonyms – to include the word sadness. Listen in as I share on at least one occasion how I made an affirmative choice to step away from sadness and chose happiness and hope for myself.

Make some of your own connections with feelings of happiness and choose a more empowered path for yourself, too. Don’t forget to listen to our special guest who shares how she lives happy from the inside out, too.


#Hope #Empowerment #SelfAwareness #EmotionalIntelligence



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Have you ever experienced loss, only to discover you’d gained?

Most of us try to avoid loss, even when we’re bored, unhappy, in pain or in a present state of discontent. We consider loss as a negative proposition and can be tempted to see such losses through a limited and disappointing lens.

In this podcast, I share three types of “losses” I’ve experienced over the years. Then, I demonstrate how each loss transitioned into several types of unexpected, personal gains.

Regardless of the type of loss you might be facing, may you feel inspired to see circumstances through a broader, brighter and more hopeful personal lens.

Then, listen in to Christina from Brooklyn, New York.

#Fear #Loss #Love #Soul #Gain #Purpose #Happiness  

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Designed with the holiday season in mind, this latest podcast can be listened to and appreciated any day of the year.

What are some of your favorite things to do, to watch, to experience and feel that expand your sense of inner joy and well being?

In this podcast, I offer a few of my own favorite things. They require little or no money, yet leave me feeling expansive, happy and abundant. Let my list inspire you to think of some of your favorite things in life, too.

Finally, listen to my friend Emmitt Muckles as he shares what makes him happy from the inside out, too.

#happiness #bliss #abundance #holidays #gifts #selflove

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Are you preparing for success or waiting around for it to happen?

In this podcast, we examine an old adage: Success happens when preparation meets opportunity.

Often, we wish for our success and long for seemingly elusive events.

However, we overlook the fact that luck most often occurs when our intentions, efforts and activities point us toward a desired end. We can either be passive hopers or actively engaged doers as we prepare for the positive outcomes we hope for in life.

Listen in to three stories about turning hopes and dreams into realities. As you do, feel inspired to discover how the process of preparation is good for us on a number of levels. Perhaps most importantly, preparing for our future success ultimately makes us happier from the inside out.    

As a special holiday offer, find out how you can receive one of my Art of Happiness books for free.

Finally, listen in as Jason shares with us what makes him happy from the inside out, too.

#dreams #goals #perseverance #luck #success


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Most of our personal conflicts and greater social problems arise out of fear.

In this podcast, I discuss the two ultimate, yet polarized, human emotions: one is love and the other is fear. Love is our birthright and our natural state of wholeness, peace and harmony where vitality continually flows.

The second emotion, fear, exists on the opposite side of the emotion spectrum. Fear obscures our true life, seeking to avoid, protect and limit rather than allowing us to extend and grow.

Discover some ancient words of wisdom that remain timeless and telling for us today. Then expect some guidance on how to step beyond fear and pass through to the love and life within that longs to wake us up to something better, brighter and freer.

In this podcast, I also offer a special gift that should make you smile. Find out how you can get a free copy of my Art of Happiness book on Values by writing Maura@Maura4u and referencing this podcast.

Finally, meet former NFL player Mark Pattison and now Find Your Summit podcaster as he shares what makes him happy from the inside out, too.


#Peace #Fear #Truth #Love 

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Are you seeing life through a limited lens?

 Have you been viewing your life and circumstances through a restricted and narrow perspective, or opening up your mind to a broader way of thinking?

In this podcast, discover several examples of how by defining an idea through a narrow perspective, I prevented myself from seeing so much more – even though the evidence was all around me!

If you have ever restricted your own ideas on life and are looking for inspiration that leads to abundant vision, listen in.

Then listen to Natalia from Poland as she shares what makes her happy from the inside out, too.

#abundance #vision #hope #perspective #mothering


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What do you do when facing some of your biggest fears?

In this impromptu and unedited podcast, Maura Sweeney releases some of her own thoughts on the subject, while hours away from the eye of Hurricane Irma approaching her Tampa Bay, Florida home.

Whether you are facing a traditional hurricane or encountering any of a number of common human fears, you’ll find something to uplift, inspire and empower you from the inside out.


#Hurricane #Irma #Empowerment #Fears #Peace

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We all want to be happy, but what if that desire for happiness makes us afraid? Often, we focus on the “cost” of change rather than the ultimate benefits we hope to enjoy.

The cost of happiness can show up in a variety of ways. Each one of them reveals itself via a private nudge, especially when we’re paying attention to life cues.

Listen as I share three of my own stories about confronting the cost of happiness: 1) facing a type of self-incarceration so I could adjust for future freedom; 2) acknowledging a life phase was over and shedding old things to prepare for a new, purposeful life chapter; and 3) confronting a private “aha!” moment and choosing to drop childish thinking so I could move into greater realms of authenticity and emotional adulthood.

Are you ready to pay the cost for experiencing greater happiness? This podcast will help challenge and inspire you to pay in – and expect to gain big benefits in the end.

Then listen to Margaret from Waterford, Connecticut as she shares what makes her happy from the inside out, too.


#Fear #ComfortZones #Spirituality #Consciousness #Happiness #Authenticity #Freedom #Empowerment


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Have you ever felt all alone, crying for help, wondering if anyone in the universe was listening to your call? Perhaps you’re experiencing that kind of daunting vulnerability right now.

You are definitely not alone; the call for help is common to us all.

This podcast delves deeper into the cry for help, viewing it from an an alternate angle and a more encouraging, perspective.

Your call for help may actually indicate something quite positive. Your greater self may be anticipating new growth and expansion even as your limited ego struggles for footing in the midst of impending change.

The process might feel challenging and even overwhelming. However, I offer two analogies from nature that will put things in a different light. I also offer two stories from my past so you can learn how my own cries for help stretched me for things to come.

Feel inspired as well as challenged. Expect to see how your own daunting circumstances might actually be preparing you for future growth and transformation.

Listen in as Florison from the Netherlands shares what makes him happy from the inside out, too.

#ComfortZones #Growth #Transformation #Metamorphosis



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Remember The Golden Rule, the credo that reminds us to do unto others as we would have them to do unto us?

Many of us agree that The Golden Rule sounds great in theory. Over time, however, we discover that people around us don’t always abide by it. Perhaps we don’t abide by it, either.

My previous podcast on Respect feeds right into this latest subject, delving into the nebulous and often challenging arena known as interpersonal relationships. Within this current podcast, I share how I’ve endeavored to employ The Golden Rule on personal and professional fronts, and offer a final tale that might greatly surprise you!

If you’ve ever pondered why the world behaves the way it does, and wondered what can be done to turn it around, tune in for a listen.

Expect to be challenged and inspired. More than that, expect to operate as a potential world changer as you increase your peace and happiness while you’re paving a way to the peace and happiness of others!

Finally, listen in as Patti Mocco shares what makes her happy from the inside out, too.


#GoldenRule #Happiness #Atonement #Peace #Influence #Power #Inheritances


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In our quest to live a happy life, the desire to feel respected by others plays a big part. But what happens when we’re not sufficiently respected? What do we do and how do we respond, especially when we feel humiliated?

When such challenges occur, we can respond by counter-attacking those around us. Choosing to do so, however, can further erode our self-respect while undermining the respect we might offer to others.

Is there another way to handle disrespect and humiliation? Can we possibly take a negatively charged, disrespectful situation and turn it around for good? This podcast may provide you with an “aha!” thought – or even two – on the topic.

In this latest podcast, I share several personal stories on the subject of respect. Follow me as I recount uncomfortable situations with others: peers, an authority figure, and even close family members.

In it, discover that there’s more than one way to respond when disrespect comes knocking at your door. Respect runs in more than one direction, and you might become an unwitting vehicle to help others learn respect – even as you’re busy upholding your own.

Finally, listen in as Enrique Nuss from Guadelajara, Mexico shares what makes him happy from the inside out, too.

#Embarrassment #Humiliation #Respect #Happiness #WellBeing #Life #Stories

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You might not be dealing with anger, but you could easily find yourself in the negative emotional zone known as fear.

Fear is the opposite of peace; it’s the antithesis of love. By its very nature, fear separates us from the awareness of peace, security, happiness and so many more positive, life-affirming emotions.

In this latest podcast, I share a personal story from my background. Busting the myth of the “perfect childhood,” I talk about a weakness in my own household that left me feeling fearful. That fear caused me to self-protect and create my own wall of emotional isolation.

Ultimately, those suppressed feelings found their outlet in a dramatic moment of anger, one that needed to be addressed in a helpful rather than harmful way.

Come along with me on my journey. I convey the surprising role of love in dissipating negative emotions and paving a path to the awareness of love, grace and peace.

Your experiences with negative, fear-based emotions may arise from a variety of sources. This podcast will help you remove some of your own barriers to love and free you to enjoy greater happiness and well-being.  

Finally, listen in as Jenny from East Bridgewater, Massachusetts                     who shares with us what makes her happy from the inside out, too.

#Miracles #Alcoholism #Forgiveness #Peace #Wellbeing

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Are you a person of integrity?

In this latest podcast, I take up the definitions of integrity. Not only do they include honesty and moral uprightness, but definitions for integrity speak to a person’s state of being “whole” or undivided.

There are many ways in which our sense of being “whole” or “undivided” impacts our thoughts and intentions about ourselves and others. In particular, when we see ourselves as divided rather than part of the whole of society, we can lose our peace and compromise the expression of our higher self.

Listen in as I share a few anecdotes and hear an apt, famous quote on the topic. Then, expect to be challenged to check into your own relationship with integrity.

May you find your vision expanding, your consciousness growing and your ability to become a person of integrated character adding to your happiness and the betterment of the world.

Finally, listen to Ally, a university student from Cape Cod, Massachusetts as she shares what makes her happy from the inside out, too.  

#Character #Spirituality #Society #Happiness #Peace #Justice


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I recorded this latest podcast at a park rather than from my familiar, sound-controlled closet. The change-up of venues was prompted by yet another day marked by upsetting “news” reports.

Such ever-escalating, emotionally charged reports are fostering fear and division not only among the U.S. populace; they’re threatening the equilibrium of people in several Western European countries, too.

The intoxicating and reality-shifting power of hyper-sensationalized news had prompted me to reclaim my reality and source. I found it anew while enjoying nature and quietude, even as I’d invited listeners to do the same.

In this podcast, hear me share a vivid childhood impression of “reality.” Next, listen as I convey some recent impressions of how people interact in more natural, everyday settings when there is no “news” to narrate the dialogue or to artfully frame the supposed problems.  

If you’ve felt challenged by negative reports from external news, discover reflections, encouragement and a few empowerment tips. Find your reality and your peace from a more reliable source than the ever-shifting news: find it within you.

Then, listen in to my former college friend Patty Hall as she shares what makes her happy from the inside out, too.  

#Empowerment #FakeNews #Peace #Happiness #Faith #Division #Spirituality



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Are you protecting someone, or something, to your own detriment?

We can all train ourselves to believe in something quite strongly. We may adamantly protect a person, a belief or even a dogma, even when such protection proves illogical.

In this podcast, I talk about Stockholm Syndrome, a term coined several decades ago when victims of a Swedish bank robbery curiously protected their own captors, refusing to testify against them in court.

The idea of protecting other people, ideas or even dogmas is universal; it’s part of the human condition. The notion often shows up when we’re part of a religious, peer or group mentality. Within such confines, we often refuse to consider facts or ideas that fall outside the scope of commonly agreed-upon thought.

While we might be open-minded in certain ways, some of us remain highly defensive and protective in others.

Listen in as I explain a few experiences I’ve had in life. See if you can relate and feel more empowered as a result.

Our willingness to open the doors to new light, broader perspectives and alternate ideas not only frees us from hidden fears. It ultimately helps us enjoy greater freedom, harmony and happiness.

Finally, listen in to Casey from Southington, Connecticut talk about what makes her happy from the inside out, too!


#Lies #StockholmSyndrome #Cults #Freedom #Peace

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Are you waiting for someone else to create happiness, or are you ready to create some yourself?

In this latest podcast, I take up the topic of Happy Hours! Discover the elements that make a happy hour truly happy and start thinking outside-the-box.

Though I talk about my earliest recollections of family “happy hours” during the 1960’s era of cocktails and martinis, I expand the notion about where – and how – happy hours happen. Join me through a few of my own experiences in life as I created different versions of happy hours. Then be inspired and challenged to make a happy hour happen that’s all your own.

In my first ever challenge of this type, I invite listeners to write and send me photos or videos of their own versions of “Making Happy Hour Happen.”

Then listen in as Brigitte Plugge from The Hague, Netherlands shares with us what makes him/her happy from the inside out, too!


#Happiness #Creativity #Empowerment #Inspiration

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When paving the path to happiness from the inside out, we can supercharge our travels by checking in with our emotions. They can speak to us plainly in ways that intellect alone cannot.

This latest podcast got its genesis from two recent encounters, both of which left me with positive, expansive feelings. Those same encounters inspired me to reflect upon two previous experiences from decades ago that provided me with earlier cues to forming healthy relationships. The first was negatively motivated, leaving me questioning myself, my worth and the type of friendships I’d want to keep at bay. In contrast, the other always left me feeling supported, valued and loved.  

If you’ve been struggling with familiar, toxic or other unhealthy relationships that drain your energy and joy, you’ll want to pay attention to this podcast.

Giving a nod to Maya Angelou’s adage reminding us how people don’t remember what we say or do, but they remember how we made them feel, you’ll emerge feeling fresher, and more inspired by this podcast.

Discover new ways to assess your healthy relationships. Then empower yourself to refine -- and redefine -- the parameters of some less sound ones, too.

Finally, tune in to Veronika Ligeti from Luxembourg as she shares what makes her happy from the inside out, too!


#Empowerment #Empath #Happiness #Reflection #Energy

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Are you a knee-jerk reactor to news and stimuli? Do you succumb to words or reports that excite, anger or otherwise move you to fear, anger or unrest? If so, you’re not alone.

We all experience external probes that press our proverbial buttons. Those moments take us away from our peace, happiness and rest and, as unwitting followers, we unwittingly give away our personal power.

If you’ve struggled with being thrown off your place of peace and served as reactor rather than creator of your personal space, this empowering podcast is a help and reminder for you to reclaim it.

In this podcast, empower yourself to be a creator rather than a reactor. Be the power change you wish to see in the world – from the inside out!

Then, listen in to Amy Woo talk about what makes her happy from the inside out, too!

  #Happiness #Empowerment #Empathic #Leadership #Influence

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Did you know that harmony is a secret to happiness? It is!

When we harmonize our words with our behaviors, we discover heightened levels of happiness, peace and well-being.

In this podcast, I take up the topic of marrying our public professions and beliefs with private and sometimes unconscious behaviors. We begin with several meanings for the word harmony and learn the concept as described by Buddha.

Next, we’ll cover the difference between stage personalities and behind-the-curtain, sub-personalities that bring us into disharmony and unrest.

Discover how triggers exposing our hypocrisy can actually help us connect with inherent contradictions. Find out how to convert “aha!” moments into empowering new choices for a happier and more peaceful life.

Then, listen in as Janelle Alex, a traveling entrepreneur and writing coach, shares some of the simple pleasures that make her happy from the inside out, too.

#happiness, #selfreflection, #emotionalintelligence, #peace, #selfgrowth

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Bridges are spanning structures that provide passage over waterways, railroads or other obstacles. And when we think of bridges, architectural wonders like the Brooklyn Bridge, the Golden Gate or the Sydney Harbor Bridge come to mind.

In this podcast, however, we talk about the idea of serving as a human bridge and consider the ways in which doing so can change our lives and the lives of others, too. Learn about the first time I became an unwitting bridge and how the experience changed at least one of my perspectives.

In a world divided by ideologies and innumerable identifiers, this podcast will help you see your powerful potential as a bridge builder to a more peaceful and happy world.

For all those who relate to Gandhi’s quote that says, “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” there will be inspiration and more for you here.

Then, listen in as Venezuelan native and Players School of Music owner Vicky Folop shares with us what makes her happy from the inside out, too.

#culture, #happiness, #worldpeace, #tutoring #PlayersSchoolOfMusic

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Are you paying attention to what you’re hearing?

This podcast examines the way we inadvertently act as self-censors. We screen in certain types of news, ideas, sounds and insights – and we also screen out others!

If you have never considered how what you listen to impacts your well-being, this is a podcast for you. I share a bit of my own background and the process of learning how to listen in ways that would empower, rather than depress, my sensibilities and thoughts.

I also talk about an easy-to-do listening exercise that I shared with participants during a recent smoking cessation retreat.

If you’re looking to become more aware of what you’re hearing, this exercise will help you become more conscious. You’ll be better equipped to take inventory of your own thoughts and make positive, intentional choices that bring a sense of authority back to where it belongs – with you!

Then, listen in as Sam Dykstra shares what makes him happy from the inside out, too.


#Smoking #Happiness #Listening #Empowerment

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In this special holiday podcast, I ask the central question: Are You Peace on Earth?

We live in an externalized society where everyone seeks peace but fails to find it. We fight, we strive and we even go to war, chasing that ever-elusive desire for "Peace on Earth."

However, true peace begins in our hearts.

Listen in to my podcast that breaks down the meaning of peace and invites you to experience it for yourself. Be sure to stay tuned till the end of this podcast. You'll want to meet a host of listeners and friends who share their holiday wishes with you!  

#PeaceOnEarth #Holidays #Happiness #NewYear

Direct download: 110_Peace_on_Earth.mp3
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It’s easy to get caught up in stereotypes, those widely held but preconceived notions we use to categorize people or ideas into fixed boxes.

Stereotypes provide us with easy ways to identify each other and communicate in general terms, but they also contain a downside. When improperly applied, they cause us to limit our understanding of others and run the risk of having others limit their understanding of us.

We often find ourselves assimilating into one group, culture, ideology, religion or philosophy. We enjoy being part of a clan or associated with like-minded or familiar groups. However, without opening ourselves to inquiry and generous reflection, we can sometimes wrongly assume that one member of a group is exactly like another.

In this podcast, I share two ways in which I experienced the use of stereotypes in my own life. May they help you explore your own thoughts, attitudes and belief systems. Doing so may cause you to open the doors of light of your own identity plus revisit notions you’ve held concerning other people’s identities.

Then, listen in to Bryan Rivera from the Bronx, NY share what makes him happy from the inside out, too.  

#Stereotyping #Labeling #PoliticalCorrectness #Happiness #EmotionalIntelligence #Culture

Direct download: 109_Are_You_a_Stereotype.mp3
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If you’ve ever felt disenchanted, disillusioned or even critical of experts and authorities, consider looking to yourself as a new source.

In a busy world, we often surrender our talents and ideas to others. We take a passive approach to the greater world, viewing it like observers watching an on-stage performance rather than actively playing a role of our own.

Listen as I share two seminal personalities from the past and how they helped inspire me to play a role in our current culture and marketplace of ideas. Then, I invite you to use your own imagination. Ignite some of your latent talents and untapped abilities to “be who you really want to be” in the world.

Afterward, listen in to music maker Vicky Fulop share what makes her happy from the inside out, too.


#SelfDevelopment #Leadership #SelfGovernance #Authenticity #Happiness #Maura4u

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We all look forward to receiving gifts that excite our senses and surprise us in positive ways. But what happens when the “gift” we encounter has nothing to do with our perceptions of good?

In this podcast, we explore how life’s curve balls can actually bring us some unexpected gifts in the form of personal benefits. In it, I share a story from several years ago that turned a good portion of my life, thoughts, spirituality and even sense of self on its head. During the process, I was forced to face certain personal issues and hidden fears that needed some introspection.

As painful and grievous as the process felt, I gained greatly and emerged far freer, stronger and happier.

Whether you’re facing separation, sickness, economic loss or something else that stings you today, tune in to this inspiring and hopeful podcast.

Don't forget to share this podcast with a friend who may be in need!

Also, check out my additional resources on this topic:

My Huffington Post blog: The Flip Side of Giving Thanks

My Maura4u YouTube video: Do You Know What a Gem You Are

Then, listen in to Nick from Manchester, U.K. who shares with us what makes him happy from the inside out, too!  


#Thanksgiving #Gratefulness #Spirituality #Attitude #EmotionalIntelligence #Happiness #Peace

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The contrast between polarity and peace came into sharp focus recently with the 2016 U.S. Presidential election process and the division and strife that followed.

In this timely, yet evergreen, episode, we take a look at the distinctions between what it feels like to live in polarity and what it’s like to abide in peace.

Discover how peace is not the opposite of someone else’s position. Instead, it paves a third path for anyone seeking inner happiness. Choosing to live in peace provides us opportunity to think, envision and operate in ways that promote new outcomes and increase our sense of personal agency.

Learn more about living in peace here.

Then, find out what makes a street drummer on NYC’s High Line happy from the inside out, too.


#PresidentialElection #Trump #Hillary #Peace #Inspiration #Empowerment #Hope

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