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In today’s world, the idea of responsibility is hardly a common theme.

To the contrary, we are often engaged in the on-going blame game. We find easy fault with others while often absolving ourselves in the process!

After being involved in several recent conversations, some of which took place on a national level, I was both surprised and disappointed. Specifically, I found myself wondering how personal responsibility could be overlooked as part of the greater social contract. 

In this latest podcast, I have taken up the various meanings of the word responsible. These definitions all bring attention to the various moral and rational decisions we make. They help us realize how what we choose to think, say and do impact the outcomes we experience in life. 

I’ve also related these definitions to two personal stories – one of my own and a second involving a male friend - where personal responsibility plays a valuable role. What I share may step on more than a few proverbial toes. These stories will challenge some popular, modern narratives. However, these same anecdotes illuminate the power we have in life to be accountable – at least in part – for the contributions we make that help form our life experiences. 

When we can own our part in social exchanges, we can grow in confidence, peace, self-possession and personal happiness.

Listen in and discover why responsibility is a powerful key to your life!

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