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Why does money carry such an overwhelming importance in our lives and our decision-making processes?

A recent conversation I had with a retired U.S. general provided inspiration for this ever-present and seemingly overwhelming question.

We’ve all fallen prey to the powerful idea that claims we need money in order to live. The all-too-familiar familiar notion shows up in ways ranging from the subtle and familiar to the highly coarse and cavernous.

In this podcast, I take up several examples of how our higher decisions yield and become compromised when weighed against the collective belief in the sovereignty and allure of money. I also consider what life might be like if we’d scale back our interest and deference to its lofty position and imagine living in more sincere and authentic ways.

If you’ve blamed others around you for compromising themselves to money or have condemned yourself for doing the same, tune in to this uplifting podcast. Regardless of past or current circumstances, there’s always room for new, brighter and happier perspectives to be gained.

Then, listen in to author and small space celebrity Felice Cohen who shares with us what makes her happy from the inside out, too.

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