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Imagine discovering something revolutionizing, amazing, illuminating or beautiful -- something that was right in front of your eyes. Perhaps you hadn't yet had the proper set of eyes to behold what was there all along!

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We've been programmed in many ways to follow the stars and emulate the stars around us. But in this episode, let's consider shining the stars within us!

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Want to make your world happier from the inside out? Try a little kindness! 

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If you're following this ABC's of NOW series, do not miss this one! You may be taken on an unusual ride, but expect the ending is good! 

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In yet another interlude of my ABC's of NOW series, we're taking a deep look at where and how to find our inner peace. If you enjoy Living Happy from the Inside Out, discover some helpful nuggets to consider along the path of finding your calm within all the storms of life.



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