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Has a hunt for treasure been inserted into your personal DNA?

Mel Fisher and his son Kim, featured on the Discovery Channel, unearthed a fortune from a centuries-old Spanish ship that sunk off the coast of Key West, Florida. Inspiration, encouragement and a look at what makes us quest for our own personal treasure, too. 

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Is it easy and natural for you to cheer for others in life?

Find out how and why it’s important to make room to celebrate the gifts, talents and accomplishments of others. Self-help that leads to your own sense of abundance while contributing to a more positive world.

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A Smithsonian documentary on JFK’s final day serves as an excellent starting point for asking the question: Do we really know . . . or just think we do?

Explore the ways in which we choose to include and exclude facts and information based upon our biases and opinions. Self-help to explore your belief system and your willingness – or not – to allow all the facts and information into it.

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This podcast asks whether you are launching out on your dreams today or waiting for an elusive tomorrow. 

Inspired by the Smithsonian channel’s documentary chronicling 1960s jet set stewardesses and their pioneering role during a time of cultural and technological change, it provides an excellent backdrop for the question. Inspiration and self-help for you to explore and pursue your pioneering and leadership dreams. 


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In our path to becoming a better person, are we staying in our own life lane or minding everyone else in theirs?

A lighthearted look at turning pesky issues back to where they belong: in our own car and in our own mind! Listen to some self-help reflections to inspire you to add peace and happiness to your own life.


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There is often a divide between things you’ve been taught or what society has established as “fact” and what is your true reality. 

A challenging look at the world as it’s been presented and sold to you and the one that’s still waiting to be rediscovered.

Inspiring content for leaders and world changers, as well as those trapped in comfort zones, fear and isolation.

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Does the specter of Death or the vitality of Life inspire and magnetize you? This bold and compelling question will help you reflect upon your focus and consider your relationship with others.

Listen to a message that will inspire you to become a powerful force today, while people are still around to hear your words.

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Joel Osteen’s message caused my friend to exclaim: “Maura, you have reversed the meaning of your name!” If you have yet to investigate the origin and meaning of your name, this podcast is a must.

Tune in to this empowering and transformative message that inspires you to establish your own identity through your own spirit, mind and will.

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