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Looking for a brighter day and existence?

Imagine carrying such an intention where the very source of rest, peace and stability finds its way through – and to – you! Listen in and be inspired to open up your mental and emotional barriers.

Let the light and joy of Truth to join up with you.

Self-help and mindfulness designed to add to your happiness quotient.

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When people see you coming their way, what do they anticipate?

The answer to this question is powerful when seeking to live happily from the inside out. We may not realize how our mind, our presence and our very intents “broadcast” to others just like a newspaper.

Powerful self-help and mindfulness for you!


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The answer provides a giant key to increasing your happiness! I’m not speaking about your next meal or what you want to watch on TV.

Instead, I’m talking about the subtle thoughts that form the backdrop of our lives.

Listen to me share two personal stories about how acquired thoughts – and especially fears – can suppress and stifle our ability to enjoy a life of freedom.

Self-Help and Mindfulness for you!

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Don’t imagine familiar names and faces here!

I’m referring, instead, to unwelcome friends of a more subtle type that unknowingly invade our lives and steal our happiness. Listen to a personal story. Then say good-bye to your own concepts, ideas and other unwelcome beliefs that have masqueraded as your friends for too long.

Inspiration and Self-help for your peace and inner happiness.


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If you’ve ever admired twinkling lights around the Christmas holiday season and were mesmerized by the brightness emanating from within, then listen to this podcast relate those lights to you.

Nothing can be more brilliant, beautiful and inspiring than when you shine from within and let the world “see” your brilliance. A parable for your soul to remember your true spiritual nature.

Increase your happiness and bring joy to the rest of the world, too.

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Are you living in your truest, biggest self or are you still conforming and confining yourself to environmental and societal smallness?

With references to Dr. William D. Anton who authored a leadership book for CEO’s, a look at why we reduce ourselves to a smaller scale.

Self-help, and inspiration to expand your vistas beyond those self-imposed boundaries.

Be big and be happy.


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Are you mature enough to learn from anyone, anywhere and at any time?

My experience demonstrates how lessons in personal growth can arise from of the most surprising, and sometimes embarrassing, sources!

If you’re seeking peace in your life and really want to reach your highest self, this podcast is worth a listen!

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