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In an externalized world, we often seek life everywhere but at its source: our essence!

Discover some of the intriguing and powerful definitions for this little referenced word. Learn how it addresses and points to some of the intrinsic and desirable properties of who we truly are. If you’ve been looking to increase your sense of happiness and connect with your true life, tune in to this latest podcast which is all about your “be-ing” rather than your do-ing.

Then, listen to Guy Djoken, director of the UNESCO Center for Peace, share what makes him happy from the inside out, too.



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If you’ve ever baked cookies with a cookie cutter, you’ll know exactly where this message is heading.

In this light hearted podcast, I talk about the well-intentioned but sometimes limited paths we occupy because of our upbringing and “cookie cutter” social training. As a result, many of us leave extra cookie dough on the kitchen’s cutting room table. We’ve forgotten to cook up our life with self-expressed flavorings, spices and flair.

Listen as I share a bit about zumba instructor Debbie Rivas who grew out of her own cookie cutter upbringing. Drawing upon an early but unfulfilled desire to become a teacher, she continues to grow and express her life in new and fun ways toward that end. Doing so, she’s become her own kind of cookie – a happy one.

Then, listen to author Brenda Martin share what makes her happy from the inside out, too!

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