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Are you employing your most powerful weapon? If you’re on a path to living happy from the inside out, you’ll want to know what this weapon is – and how to use it!

The powerful weapon is choice, the choice to forgive. If you have suffered emotionally, physically, financially or otherwise, exercising the power of forgiveness is your key to peace and happiness.

Listen as I share how I discovered and triggered this personal weapon, even as a young child.

You’ll hear an alternate story of another woman who chose to withhold forgiveness instead. Muse over a few unpleasant and confining outcomes that occur when we choose not to release forgiveness.

Wherever you are today, I urge you to listen in to this insightful and profoundly personal message. Choosing the power of forgiveness may be difficult, but the benefits we receive are bountiful!

Learn how to get access to another story of my major forgiveness secret available in a new book release called I Bared My Chest.

Finally, meet Cathy Sanders from Clearwater, Florida, and discover what makes her happy from the inside out, too.


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We’re often waiting for happiness to “happen” to us. But can we do something on our end to facilitate those good feelings and a sense of well-being?

In this podcast, I share many upbeat synonyms for happiness and contrast them with a few antonyms – to include the word sadness. Listen in as I share on at least one occasion how I made an affirmative choice to step away from sadness and chose happiness and hope for myself.

Make some of your own connections with feelings of happiness and choose a more empowered path for yourself, too. Don’t forget to listen to our special guest who shares how she lives happy from the inside out, too.


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