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If you've been following this exciting series to help navigate yourself through the epic changes our world is going through, you won't want to miss this 12th episode.

Explore the letter O and discover how the expression OMG is about to become part of our collective future!

#Change #Consciousness #Peace

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Ready for the epic shift taking place in our world today? Keep up with every letter and its corresponding word in this special series entitled the ABC's of NOW! In this episode, consider P and the word Positivity -- you're going to need it! 

#Positivity #Peace #Change #Consciousness

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As our world shifts from one era and into the next, welcome to Episode 10 of The ABC's of NOW! On this journey of "un-doing" and "un-winding" our sometimes off-center past, we explore the letter Q and the operative word Question.

Head back to your zero point. Find your equilibrium and peace.

#change #consciousness #peace

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In this ABC's of NOW series helping to guide you through epic and sometimes tumultuous change, step into the letter R. Explore the meanings, history and implications of the word Reckon - and discover your inner peace along the path. 

#Peace #Shift #Consciousness #Soul

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