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Have you ever that you were in need something immediately . . .  as in right NOW? In this latest episode of the ABC's of NOW, we examine the letter J and the ideas of Just in Time. Get ready for excitement, suspended animation and more to foster your imagination and uplift your soul for good things ahead. 

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In this latest episode preparing for shift and change, we examine the letter K and the word Knowing. Discover its finer definitions and root meaning, recall experiences from the past where you've "known" things for yourself and prepare to move into the future with greater confidence and assurance!

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In this episode of preparing for change, we take up perhaps the most elementary and foundational concept of all -- LIFE! Get ready to re-examine the essence and "life" with definitions, synonyms and two exercises you can do to choose LIFE for yourself!


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As we continue to chart the waters of change, get ready to re-assess and re-evaluate the concept of money.  In this episode of The ABC's of NOW, we deconstruct some of its "magic" and envision a world where money might not hold as much power as we previously believed.

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