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The answer to this question reveals much about your philosophy on life and whether you see yourself as a weak or empowered individual.

Listen to my “aha” moment on the subject and gain some self-help advice.

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Most of us limit the idea of “living large” to the purchasing power of our wallets.

Listen to the story of one influential friend of mine whose very essence spoke of living large.

Inspiration and spirituality for those who see beyond the money.



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I’m not inquiring about your ethnic roots. Instead, I’m talking about the culture of excellence you can create and share with others.

You can create, develop and disseminate your own brand of culture that speaks uniquely for you.

Inspiration and self-help for those interested in becoming more influential in life.  

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Think that your life is insignificant? Think again.

Your legacy is one of your most powerful living messages, plus something that can live on even after you’re gone.

Listen as I share stories of two completely different individuals whose lives breathed the word “legacy” as they lived out their personal philosophies and spirituality.

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Do you believe your “moment in time” has passed or that your proverbial sun has already set?

 Have you been carrying a limiting personal philosophy and a hopeless sense of spirituality?

Consider that there’s a new sun rising right in front of you, maybe even today. Listen and be inspired. It may change the way you view time, circumstance and a whole lot more.

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An NPR poll on what people do to “de-stress” their lives reveals some top results.

Challenge your philosophy, fuel your personal spirituality and discover why getting out and getting a hobby can help improve your happiness and well-being, too.

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The way you view your current challenge or situation will help determine whether it advances - or stymies - you in life.

Listen along to evaluate your own belief system and refine your personal philosophy on the subject.

Self-help designed to empower you today.


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Do you reveal mere slivers of your personal identity to others - and hide the rest?

Is it possible to become more peaceful by re-examining a social philosophy that currently hides and divides you?

Listen to my personal story for some self-help thoughts.

It could lead you toward becoming a more unified personality, too.

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Does your personal philosophy require you to always take sides?

Can you increase your sense of peace and well-being when the next opportunity arises to choose arguments, or even enemies?

Listen to this self-help tip and consider the topic from a fresh, new perspective.

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