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The letter N in this series arrives during Christmas week, just in time to consider the word Nativity. Discover how during this incredible time of change, we can consider many of the concepts of birth, new birth and our getting ready to welcome a new world ahead.

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If you've been following this exciting series to help navigate yourself through the epic changes our world is going through, you won't want to miss this 12th episode.

Explore the letter O and discover how the expression OMG is about to become part of our collective future!

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Ready for the epic shift taking place in our world today? Keep up with every letter and its corresponding word in this special series entitled the ABC's of NOW! In this episode, consider P and the word Positivity -- you're going to need it! 

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As our world shifts from one era and into the next, welcome to Episode 10 of The ABC's of NOW! On this journey of "un-doing" and "un-winding" our sometimes off-center past, we explore the letter Q and the operative word Question.

Head back to your zero point. Find your equilibrium and peace.

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In this ABC's of NOW series helping to guide you through epic and sometimes tumultuous change, step into the letter R. Explore the meanings, history and implications of the word Reckon - and discover your inner peace along the path. 

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As our cosmos undergoes a major shift, we'll all be introduced to the element of surprise, the subject of this latest episode in the ABC's of NOW. Surprises can suspend our attention, focus and our reality. They can also lead us back to a better place. Discover some of what to expect in the process and be sure to share this episode share with friends!

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What happens when tall trees -- institutions, individuals and even ideas -- fall from their high places? It's time to say, "Timberrrr!" Join me in Episode 7 of this ABC's of NOW series to help you navigate through seismic and epic changes with inner peace as you travel. 

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What happens when everything hidden and concealed becomes . . . uncovered! Get ready to explore this topic and get prepare for what's to come in this latest episode of the ABC's of NOW!

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If you thought lightly of the word virtues, prepare for a surprise! In this 5th episode of the ABC's of NOW, we take up letter V and the word Virtues. Discover how incredibly - and even supernaturally - powerful a role the word Virtues can play in your life! As sweeping and unexpected winds of change toss you around, you'll want to listen to this episode again and again!

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In episode 4 of this special 26 episode series, we examine the letter W and the word Wonderful. In a world rumbling with epic change, what will the world look like ahead -- after the dust settles? Step into the word wonderful and imagine what you might have previously believed impossible!

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With epic changes everywhere, we're all taking a wild ride through NOW. Don't miss this special series that takes you backwards through the alphabet as you "un-do" unstable learning and return to authenticity and inner peace. Get ready for X-traordinary in this episode. Remember to save and share this series with friends who need it . . . right NOW!

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Join me for this 26 episode series in the ABC's of NOW as we go through the English alphabet from back to front and from end to beginning. Don't miss a single release and don't forget to share with your friends who need this . . . NOW!

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Join me for this special series - it's just what you need - NOW when everything is about to change.

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The power to focus on fear or faith is within us, an inner choice that contains dynamic seeds for death or life. Listen in to my latest podcast on the topic and be inspired to choose the higher, brighter and more exhilarated ground. Then save and share with friends. There's a day coming soon when you just might need the reminder!  


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Children learn about their world by asking questions, but most forget to do the same by the time they become adults. Join Maura in this exploration of the art of asking questions and start asking some of your own!

#Awareness #Consciousness #SelfDevelopment #Peace #wisdom

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Various shifts and uncertainties in life -- including our most recent COVID global pandemic -- cause us to look elsewhere for answers.

In this podcast, consider going inward rather than outward. Discover and display the very light you need to be at this time -- and serve as a living beacon to others who need to do the same.

Inner Peace, Awakening, Rest, Wisdom


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In life, we're all ignorant about several things. But when we discover our ignorance, we can turn on a personal light and use those new opportunities to increase our knowledge and awareness. Personal stories and empowerment for you.

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In an era where many bemoan the division, strife and discouragement in our world, here's a word of encouragement and empowerment. Stand in your best light, your best intention, and as a living beacon for peace, hope and happiness.

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Many of us remember the classic Jim Carey movie called The Truman Show. But how many of us have wondered if we've been living in a Truman Show of our own?

Check out my latest podcast where I talk about the movie and also include a personal story that brings the idea of living inside a false reality to a real life application.

#Awareness #Reality #Consciousness #SelfGrowth

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What if you were to open a few doors, learn of hidden things and suddenly realize the world you're living in is something far different than what you believed it to be?

Join me in this timely exploration of human nature, common spheres of control, the art of personal inquiry and learning how to awaken to your own light.

#Human Nature #Personal Growth #Disclosures #Awakening

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If you are upset, angry, confused or afraid about the latest news report, you must tune in to this powerful podcast. Be inspired. Be a World Changer -- and change your world into something good, something better!

#Truth #CoronaVirus #Pandemic #Peace #Power

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It seems impossible, but personal traumas can transform into potential life treasures. Time, endurance and perhaps a bit of faith may be required, but we discover our most challenging experiences contain the seeds of blessings -- for ourselves as well as others. Listen in as I share the extraordinary redemptive story of Cresta Durojaiye, a lovely woman from Nigeria I recently met while attending a conference in London.

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We all want to be happy, but do we take the steps to get there? Listen in as I share a list of my top happiness hacks.

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Inspired by our typical oversight of others until they're gone, this podcast inspires you to say, do and appreciate people while you can -- as in right now!

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Designed originally as a New Year's 2020 episode, this topic is always relevant. Using the benefit of 2020 hindsight, we're taking a look at the psychological, emotional and familiar frame of mind you've been living in. If that proverbial house is no longer serving you, today might just be the time to frame a new - and happier - one for yourself. 

#Happiness #Peace #SelfGrowth #SelfDevelopment #Mastery #Life

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