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In a famous quote, actor Morgan Freeman claims Black History is American History.

A look at the celebratory month from a more unified perspective with special attribution to Tampa Bay Times columnist and bureau chief Ernest Hooper who shares some of his own twists on the subject. Thought provoking, expansive and uplifting content for those who view the United States as creating all men equal. Inspiring self-help for people of any race who desire to see beyond the surface and into the common soul.

Also, listen to Mike Abramowitz, founder of G.R.A.B. Tomorrow and find out what makes him happy – from the inside out.  

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How are you planning to spend the most romantic day of the calendar year?

A look at the origins and development of the holiday and how you can use the date to convey love to others in both traditional and non-traditional ways. Inspiration, mindfulness and self-help for those living outside the box. Also, listen to Amy Bryant, author of You Can Go Home Again, share what makes her happy – from the inside out. 


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There are many ways we can fall in life. How we relate to our falls often determines the level of freedom and joy we carry in life.

Join me as I share a childhood tale of falling and see if you can’t relate. Self-help and mindfulness to broaden your happiness horizons.

Also, listen to guest J.V. Crum III and author of Conscious Millionaire share what makes him happy – from the inside out. 


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