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If you're seeking a deeper level of peace, rest and good cheer, listen in. Discover how letting things go can be one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself this holiday season.


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Are you leading yourself or allowing others to lead you? In this latest podcast, I share some ways we can unwittingly be led by others. Gain awareness, insight and more to discover how and when you can step up and lead yourself. 

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We've all experienced challenges relating to others. Sometimes, it may be because we're out of sync and operating on different frequencies! Listen in to a few stories of mine as I share personal insights about operating on different frequencies from those around me. Expect increased awareness for choosing your personal engagements while adding to your sense of inner peace and happiness.

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Our media often promotes money, power and immediate gratification as popular value systems. But what happens when we choose the wrong pursuits and lose our sense of peace? In this podcast, I share a personal story about unwinding the process and returning to peace. My hope is to inspire you to do something of the same.

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Everyone suffers from the paralysis and near crippling effects of fear. In this podcast, I cover some of the origins of fear, plus some of the ways we can use fear as a catalyst for our happiness, peace and freedom. 

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Has someone ever inquired about your life story? Have you ever asked someone else about theirs?

In this podcast, I explore the innate power and some positive outcomes that arise when we decide to do just that!

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Racism impedes our ability to live happily and at peace from the inside out. This podcast invites you to consider the way in which you judge others, and the manner in which you'd like others to judge you.

Look forward to several personal stories, each of which should challenge you and get you thinking about whether we should judge by color - or character!


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Asking whether you're a label and facade rather than a person of substance and character continues on a theme of judging by externals.

Expect two personal stories, one regarding a person I needed to fire and the other concerning a person I needed to evict. In both cases, you'll find plenty to challenge your thinking and help you ascertain whether form or substance is what truly matters!

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Racism is a major impediment to living happy from the inside out.

Over the past few years, the notion of racism has become a daily part of our media language and, therefore, our social consciousness. In this new series, I introduce part 1 on the topic to ask: Are you a racist?

Listen in and learn about yourself, your neighbors and the society in which you'd like to live.

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Inspired by John Lennon's 1988 hit song "Imagine" which speaks to the heart of a better society, this podcast is both timely and potent.

While being part of a big world, we often lose sight of the roles we play in perpetuating wrongs and/or catalyzing something better. If you've lost your sense of imagination in a world gone awry, rediscover the many possibilities and opportunities to use your personal power today!


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Are you adept at giving other people compliments, or merely engaging in flattery?

When it comes to living happy from the inside out, check in to this latest podcast. Discern the difference between these two seemingly close "cousins." Then, discover the reason why one is more powerful than the other - for you as well as those around you!


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Whether you realize it or not, you are a person of influence! In this podcast, discover the power, source and essence of influence. Listen to stories of two individuals I knew who might not have been aware of the influence they had on my life. Discover an awareness that you, too, have the power to influence those around you in mighty ways.

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Life happens. At one time or another, every one of us will feel overwhelmed, stunned, or even wasted and destroyed. In this podcast, I share two totally different stories about the psychological, emotional and physical side effects of devastation. I also deliver hopeful outcomes and some tips to help get you through the process and on to a brighter, more hopeful life.

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Being a person of integrity can be one tall order.

But in this podcast, I talk about walking in integrity, step by step and moment by moment.

As usual, I'll share some definitions and also provide a personal story or two to bring it all home.

Be encouraged to be your best and most whole as you, too, start walking in your own integrity.



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We may think that learning stops when we leave school or attain a new academic degree. But life lessons are of another sort that help in the growth of our human soul. Whether good or bad, they can help us grow into our bigger, better, wiser and more peaceful self.

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We can expend our energy in a negative or positive fashion, fighting against something that disturbs us or applying ourselves toward a positive ideal or vision. One drains our energy while the other helps fuel it.

In this podcast, I share personal experiences on both sides of the political aisle -- plus a unique story behind it -- to bring home some insights on the topic. Listen to assess where and how you're expending your personal energies, then consider how to focus yourself toward something you can positively promote!

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We've all suffered from this malaise! Intuition tells us one thing, but we ignore its signals. If you have inwardly known something, yet failed to acknowledge it openly to yourself, you'll eventually have to come to terms with the truth. Like all podcasts, expect to hear a personal story and receive guidance on a brighter outlook for living happy -- from the inside out.

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Admitting to being wrong is often one of the most difficult things we do. But does avoiding the words, "I was wrong," make us feel better or worse?

In this podcast, I introduce how our early training, and even our religious upbringings, can make admitting to being wrong a major social, emotional and even psychological challenge. Then, I share several stories of how admitting when I was wrong actually made me feel better!

Explore this topic for yourself. See if being "wrong" might sometimes be the "right" thing to do for your personal peace and happiness, too!

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If you've ever been misunderstood or if you've misunderstood someone else, you're not alone! Misunderstandings bring unnecessary social, emotional and psychological upset to us all.

Discover a few ways misunderstandings play out in everyday life. Then expect to become one who turns misunderstanding into understanding; mistrust into trust; and conflict into harmony.

#peace #understanding #interpersonalrelations

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Are you truly the author of your thoughts, or did someone else plant them there for you? In this sequel to my previous podcast, I talk more on how we acquire the thoughts, awareness and beliefs of those around us. As usual, expect to hear one of my anecdotal stories. Then, receive some simple suggestions on how to step up into ownership of your own mind.  #thoughts #beliefs #peace #happiness #leadership #authenticity

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