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As our cosmos undergoes a major shift, we'll all be introduced to the element of surprise, the subject of this latest episode in the ABC's of NOW. Surprises can suspend our attention, focus and our reality. They can also lead us back to a better place. Discover some of what to expect in the process and be sure to share this episode share with friends!

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What happens when tall trees -- institutions, individuals and even ideas -- fall from their high places? It's time to say, "Timberrrr!" Join me in Episode 7 of this ABC's of NOW series to help you navigate through seismic and epic changes with inner peace as you travel. 

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What happens when everything hidden and concealed becomes . . . uncovered! Get ready to explore this topic and get prepare for what's to come in this latest episode of the ABC's of NOW!

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If you thought lightly of the word virtues, prepare for a surprise! In this 5th episode of the ABC's of NOW, we take up letter V and the word Virtues. Discover how incredibly - and even supernaturally - powerful a role the word Virtues can play in your life! As sweeping and unexpected winds of change toss you around, you'll want to listen to this episode again and again!

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In episode 4 of this special 26 episode series, we examine the letter W and the word Wonderful. In a world rumbling with epic change, what will the world look like ahead -- after the dust settles? Step into the word wonderful and imagine what you might have previously believed impossible!

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With epic changes everywhere, we're all taking a wild ride through NOW. Don't miss this special series that takes you backwards through the alphabet as you "un-do" unstable learning and return to authenticity and inner peace. Get ready for X-traordinary in this episode. Remember to save and share this series with friends who need it . . . right NOW!

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