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We’re not talking here about responding to traditional Hallmark invitations to birthday or engagement parties.

Instead, we’re tackling the subject of answering life invitations to strife, debates, problems or any other insecurity that does not serve our best interest. Listen to some invitations I’ve declined; then consider some of your own. Self-help and self-empowerment. Peace and greater happiness await you - from the inside out.

Today’s guest happiness sound bite comes from relationship coach Jody Agard at


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Did you know that there is a leader in you?

Incorporating a quote from leadership John C. Maxwell, this podcast focuses on the capacity we have to influence the lives of others. If you have yet to discover the leader in you, get ready for inspiration. Listen here for self-help information that will inspire you on your way to empowerment and increased happiness.

Today’s guest happiness sound bite comes from Katie Krimitsos, host of the Biz Women Rock podcast.  

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 Have you been concentrating on what you don’t have – or what you do?

With a personal story as well as a great quote from Oprah Winfrey, learn how whether we concentrate on the former or the latter determines our experience with abundance or lack. Want more happiness? Remember what you have right now! Inspirational self-help for you and your happiness.

Today’s guest happiness sound bite comes from Janet Lee, Journey Dance facilitator and producer of Best Day Ever Productions.

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Have you wondered if you knew the way to happiness and peace in life?

If you’ve ever felt like you were walking a lonely, uncertain road, tune in to this uplifting reflection. With references to Dionne Warwick’s popular 1960s hit Do You Know the Way to San Jose and a brief story of my own journey, you’ll find inspiration as you travel your own path back home to happiness and inner peace.

Today’s guest happiness sound bite comes from Jude Kelly, Communications officer for the Toronto Provincial Government and music podcaster.  


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Do you view your circumstances from ground level or from up above the clouds?

A reflective piece about flying high above the clouds in the sunshine before descending into the rainy and cloudy weather of London, England.

Listen to this life analogy and see how thoughts determine our frame of mind. If you’re not seeing the sunshine in your circumstances, this podcast is for you! A brighter, happier and more joyful spirit can be yours – if you are willing to remember that the sun is always shining.

Guest happiness sound bite today comes from Jared Easley, host of the Starve the Doubts podcast.

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Life at any age is a choice - and only we can choose to live life.

A discussion about getting stuck in what we believe was a previously experienced high point: high school, college, marriage, career, etc. Believing that a past era was our finest can preclude us from living anew today. Listen to inspiring self-help content that will get you hopeful about living fully and in the now. Today – and every day of your life.

Also, a little bit about the history of Helen Keller.

Guest happiness sound bite today comes from Chris Krimitsos, founder of Tampa Bay Business Owners.   


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