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When endeavoring to live happy from the inside out, it's important to recognize that you can actually be the source of cheer. Listen in to this holiday message that is of value every day of the year.

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Our minds and, therefore, our world, are all framed. Sometimes those frames are helpful and constructive but on other occasions, they are not. What we do when our framing encloses, corrals or encases us through negative impingement or entrapment is the subject of today's podcast. Listen to my story about financial framing. Discover how I stepped out of a bureaucratic mindset and into a freer and more abundant one. Prepare to feel freer, happier and more empowered.


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What does it mean to be and how does that translate to you and your life?

Learn some specific definitions on the concept, listen to some stories and get my latest dose of inspiration and hope. For those caught in the world of human trafficking, there's something for you at the end of this podcast, too.  



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We've all been misunderstood in life, and it's left us frustrated and deflated. But we've misunderstood the intentions and thoughts of those around us, too.

In this podcast, we'll talk about the common human trap of misunderstanding and how we can turn it around for greater peace and more.

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In today’s world, the idea of responsibility is hardly a common theme.

To the contrary, we are often engaged in the on-going blame game. We find easy fault with others while often absolving ourselves in the process!

After being involved in several recent conversations, some of which took place on a national level, I was both surprised and disappointed. Specifically, I found myself wondering how personal responsibility could be overlooked as part of the greater social contract. 

In this latest podcast, I have taken up the various meanings of the word responsible. These definitions all bring attention to the various moral and rational decisions we make. They help us realize how what we choose to think, say and do impact the outcomes we experience in life. 

I’ve also related these definitions to two personal stories – one of my own and a second involving a male friend - where personal responsibility plays a valuable role. What I share may step on more than a few proverbial toes. These stories will challenge some popular, modern narratives. However, these same anecdotes illuminate the power we have in life to be accountable – at least in part – for the contributions we make that help form our life experiences. 

When we can own our part in social exchanges, we can grow in confidence, peace, self-possession and personal happiness.

Listen in and discover why responsibility is a powerful key to your life!

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Today, it’s easy to identify ourselves as a victim: one who has been injured, adversely affected or otherwise sacrificed under some form of hardship or mistreatment. But on our inward path to experience happiness, it’s important to consciously evaluate these the beliefs we hold about ourselves.

In this podcast, I not only define the word victim, but I provide its the opposite term, a word you should find both illuminating and empowering.

I’ll take you to one of my early life stories when confronted with my own opportunity for “victimhood.” When viewed through a different lens, I share how even unfortunate circumstances can yield us great benefits and personal gain.

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How can we navigate well in a world that thrives on the polarity of winners and losers? This podcast sets aside for a few moments our collectivized mindset and the acquired need to self-protect against the many “others” out there that we perceive.

There is another way to view the seminal question: Who won? We’ll take a look at different viewpoints, stories and paradigms in search of something bigger, higher, greater and better for all of humanity.

If you need an uplifting new perspective, expect to emerge with a brighter and more empowered outlook. It may require a bit of faith and vision, but you can anchor some of it to live happier, from the inside out.

Then, listen in as we hear from Trey Downes from Baltimore, Maryland who shares what makes him happy from the inside out, too.


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You may be careful to feed your body with nourishing and healthy ingredients. But are you feeding your soul with thoughts, behaviors and intentions that support your well being?

This latest podcast provides several ways in which you can gain awareness of what you’ve been doing to fuel and feed your soul in helpful ways. Whether you’re aware of this active process or not, be empowered to uplift and energize your soul, your peace of mind and your personal happiness, too.

Then, listen to Linda Wattley share what makes her happy from the inside out, too.


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Are you employing your most powerful weapon? If you’re on a path to living happy from the inside out, you’ll want to know what this weapon is – and how to use it!

The powerful weapon is choice, the choice to forgive. If you have suffered emotionally, physically, financially or otherwise, exercising the power of forgiveness is your key to peace and happiness.

Listen as I share how I discovered and triggered this personal weapon, even as a young child.

You’ll hear an alternate story of another woman who chose to withhold forgiveness instead. Muse over a few unpleasant and confining outcomes that occur when we choose not to release forgiveness.

Wherever you are today, I urge you to listen in to this insightful and profoundly personal message. Choosing the power of forgiveness may be difficult, but the benefits we receive are bountiful!

Learn how to get access to another story of my major forgiveness secret available in a new book release called I Bared My Chest.

Finally, meet Cathy Sanders from Clearwater, Florida, and discover what makes her happy from the inside out, too.


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We’re often waiting for happiness to “happen” to us. But can we do something on our end to facilitate those good feelings and a sense of well-being?

In this podcast, I share many upbeat synonyms for happiness and contrast them with a few antonyms – to include the word sadness. Listen in as I share on at least one occasion how I made an affirmative choice to step away from sadness and chose happiness and hope for myself.

Make some of your own connections with feelings of happiness and choose a more empowered path for yourself, too. Don’t forget to listen to our special guest who shares how she lives happy from the inside out, too.


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Have you ever experienced loss, only to discover you’d gained?

Most of us try to avoid loss, even when we’re bored, unhappy, in pain or in a present state of discontent. We consider loss as a negative proposition and can be tempted to see such losses through a limited and disappointing lens.

In this podcast, I share three types of “losses” I’ve experienced over the years. Then, I demonstrate how each loss transitioned into several types of unexpected, personal gains.

Regardless of the type of loss you might be facing, may you feel inspired to see circumstances through a broader, brighter and more hopeful personal lens.

Then, listen in to Christina from Brooklyn, New York.

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