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Have you been inhibited from advancing in life because someone else impeded your path?

Take a look at what fuels - and foils - our personal growth and potential.

Self-help for those wanting to accelerate on the road toward a satisfying and happy life. Change your philosophy and super-charge your way to purposeful living.    

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Is your philosophy requiring you to always be right?

Just how open-minded are you to new ideas?

A look at how clever we think we are, plus some self-help thoughts on how we might become even brighter. Listen to find out.

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Most of us are asleep, but not the way we imagine.

Here’s a look at how you, too, can shake yourself from slumber and awaken to more of life.

Some inspiration and self-help for those who might not even be aware they’ve been napping.

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I’m introducing the subject with diamond rings and thoughts of marriage, but there’s lots of personal philosophy and spirituality to be explored behind the idea of engagement.

What were - and are - you hoping for in your future?

How can you engage your thoughts and behaviors toward those ends? Listen and be inspired.

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A philosophy bound by “I can’t” can end up defining – and even dominating – our life.

Listen to some of my experiences on exchanging an “I can’t” mentality into one that says “I can”. 

Discover how you, too, can exchange that limiting and negative mantra for something better.

Self-help aimed at having you marvel at where your personal “I can” philosophy might take you!

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What makes some of us collapse and self-destruct?

Listen to some thoughts on the topic - with an eye toward creating the opposite experience.

A self-help challenge to define and live according to your own healthy philosophy on life.


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Many of us have been counted among the marginalized, the oppressed or the underdogs.

When finally freed to express ourselves, will we arise into better standards and leaders?

Tune in to hear my philosophy about the good, the bad and what can be the better in life.

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Being a blamer or a provider of benefits is often a function of our philosophy about ourselves and the place we hold in the world.

Listen to find out why it’s never too late to see ourselves from a generous-sized perspective.


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Are you focusing on problems and limitations, or possibilities and freedoms?

Listen to a few thoughts that explore how what we focus on in life impacts our outlook and our experience.

A self-help challenge for anyone desiring to escape from a myopic funk.

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Our thoughts and fears can keep us parked in the comfort zone rather than venturing out to explore new territory in life.

If you think you may be missing out on greater growth and happiness, listen in and get your motor in gear. Inspiring self-help for the timid.


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Discovering and defining your goal in life is far more powerful and profound than attacking ordinary “to do” lists.

Answer this question and unlock a whole new dimension of spiritual and practical joy in your life. Some inspiration and self-help on the topic.   

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What, exactly, is your identity?

Discover some of the meanings of identity that will enlighten your spirituality and help refine your personal philosophy.

Once you listen in to this self-help for the soul, you’ll view your identity in a powerful new way. 

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