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As we wind down on this ABC's of NOW series, we step into a word that appears quite intimidating on its surface. However, stick with me as I take you through one such "crisis" I experienced many years ago. Discover how our willingness to pass through a crisis can bring some unexpected good on the other side!

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A special episode in the ABC's of NOW, we take up your role in the great shift! Discover your own influence and how you can add, remove and/or redirect your energies to things that tend to more of life ahead!

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As we explore our latest term in this series, you may take on an entirely different view of the word Destruction. Expect to find hope, vision and anticipation for the future ahead. This is a jam packed episode, full of content to make you think . . .  anew!

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We all seem to know what "everybody" means, but have we been mindful of seeing ourselves as part of a bigger whole? Lyrics from a popular 20th century movie, a bit of U.S. history and some personal stories bring light to a familiar, yet repetitive, experience it may be time for us to all reconsider.

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